Submerge Festival is BACK


24 January 2019



Bristol’s International Digital Arts Festival is back – bigger, better and more diverse than ever.

This is the arts festival for everyone and it’s back from 1st-10th March. Submerge is immersive, involving, a riot of sound and vision that can’t, and won’t, be put in a box.

Submerge is performance art that takes techno, contemporary dance, noise art and every other kind of visual art you can imagine and rolls them into 10 days of  experimental, creative performances and exhibitions.

This year’s line-up offers something for everyone with events taking place throughout the day and long into the evening at venues around the city. A mix of shows, installations, nights, talks & workshops, allow the curious to spectate, to indulge, to immerse or to be challenged, but overall,the message of Submerge is one of welcome.

With artists from Thailand, the Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain and from Scotland, it’s emerging culture that’s accessible, intriguing and liberating. At times visceral, at times playful, Submerge has a touch of the weird and a lot of the wonderful.

The performers are as diverse as their acts. The UK premiere of an immersive installation around light and death from Guillaume Marmin, radical contemporary theatre from Jan Mocek. A live
performance of Gazelle Twin’s acclaimed album Pastoral. Actress + AI sprite Young Paint with afusion of intelligent dance music and sophisticated audio visuals. Ultimate Dancer and Robbie
Thomson bringing a ritualistic and meditative experience out of the darkness.

Submerge is hosting an impressive talks programme this year, as talks delve into topics like 360o filming for VR and introductions to Modular Synthesisers.

Music comes in the form of heavyweight DJ talent JASSS curated by Bristol’s Batu, experimental electronic beats from Rian Treanor and Graham Dunning’s radical embrace of precarious mechanics in music.

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Gazelle Twin & Pastoral (Live) & Orryx
E X C H A N G E / M A R 0 1 – 7 : 0 0 P M

Shadow Meadow – Jan Mocek
A R N O L F I N I / M A R 0 2 – 3 : 0 0 P M

Actress & Young Paint
S W X / M A R 0 8 – 6 : 3 0 P M

A R N O L F I N I / M A R 0 8 – 7 : 0 0 P M



Licht Mehr Licht
A R N O L F I N I / M A R 0 2 – 11:00A M



Submerge Nights 1
L O C O K L U B / M A R 0 2 – 11:00P M

Submerge Nights 2
L O C O K L U B / M A R 0 9 – 11:00P M

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