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Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

For many years there was an annual fair held at Blaise Castle estate to celebrate the legend of the giant named Goram. There are many stories of how Goram and his brother Vincent competed for the love of the lady Avona, and the myth lives on at Blaise estate, which is home to the giant’s chair and footprints. During the late 1950’s the event became huge taking over the whole estate, and an effigy of the giant was transported through the streets until it arrived at Blaise Castle.

In 1959 the event moved to Ashton Court and soon after ceased. Seeing the pictures made Darren Moore think someone should bring it back. With the help of many organisations, volunteers and support of his family, he brought back this event based on the fairs of the 1950’s. He even found the grandson of the showman involved in the previous events who was very keen to be involved.

In 2016, with the same funfair rides as 1957 as well as falconry, horse-riding and community stalls we brought back memories, shared memories and created new ones.
In 2017 although hampered by rain the event expanded involving more community elements and an impressive giant made by the Art Enlarged team. The next event will hopefully include a circus as well as the traditional funfair.

The Goram Fair will continue to be a family friendly non-profit event for the communities surrounding Blaise Castle.

The next event is due to take place on Saturday 8th June 2019.

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