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In Between Time (IBT) is an international producer that creates extraordinary events and the IBT Festivals. Respected as a global pioneer of contemporary culture, IBT work across art forms to tell stories that inspire, awaken the imagination, or act as a catalyst for change.

IBT create site-specific live projects, placing dance, theatre, music and performance in unexpected places to tell compelling stories and create unique immersive experiences.

This October, the In Between Time Summit will bring together people from Bristol, the UK and the world to ask, how can we build a better future? A three-day gathering of art, activism and conversation.

Presenting exceptional artists who are unafraid to take on the world’s most challenging questions, the In Between Time Summit will occupy the city’s venues, walls and unusual spaces. Conversations and calls to action will invite you to explore the urgent role of art in changing whose voices are heard, whose stories are profiled, and whose bodies are seen.

Image credit: The Record, 600 HIGHWAYMEN, IBT17 Festival ©

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