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Bristol Shakespeare Festival is a highlight of the theatrical year, in which companies from all over the country fill the city with the works of the Bard! With big productions and small, traditional and modern, interactive, musical and choreographic, it’s always full of old favourites and fresh takes on the nation’s favourite playwright.

Our committee of volunteers works around the year coordinating companies, assembling our iconic programme, and getting everything ready for a summer of brilliant theatre…

Venues up and down the city get involved, from parks and playhouses to city farms and cemeteries, along with an army of amazing stewards passionate about great theatre. Will you banter with Beatrice and Benedick on Brandon Hill, cry for Caesar in Clifton caves, or revel in Romeo at the Room Above?

In addition to some of the nation’s most prestigious touring companies such as Heartbreak Theatre and The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, BSF is proud to host a festival fringe, supporting pop-up productions and innovative small-scale performance linked with Shakespeare.

Whether it’s organising, marshalling, performing, designing, or just sitting in the sun with a picnic, laughing, crying and cheering at some of history’s greatest plays, BSF has a little Bard for everyone!

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