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Window Wanderland is an evening walking trail, taking place over a few nights during a winter/early spring weekend in your local community.

Anyone can make a window display, leave the lights on, and go out to onto the streets to see their neighbours in a new light! Anything goes from a simple candle to a film projection, poetry to politics and each display says something about the maker who created it. Perfect for bringing people together in a safe space under the stars, allowing new conversations to begin in front of unusual displays. A fun, cross generational, easy to access community event.

Window Wanderland CIC supports each organiser to create their event with ease by creating their own interactive webpage, and has been quietly sowing it’s seeds since 2015. Starting in North Bristol, it has now spread to six communities in Bristol, some set to repeat annually, and is growing further in neighbourhoods across the UK & also worldwide with France, Canada and Germany joining in too!

Window Wanderland kicks off another year from 26th-27th January 2019 with a display in Easton, Bristol & further displays to follow.

See their website for full event listings and look out for the latest news via Window Wanderland’s Facebook Twitter & Instagram pages.

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