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8-10 S Parade, Weston Supermare, BS23 1JN



‘Whirligig’ Festival is a free event for all the family, featuring an eclectic mix of stunning, outdoor entertainment guaranteed to make you whirl and twirl!

From crowd-pulling international shows, weird and wonderful walkabout acts and dancing in the streets to circus workshops, craft area and a host of fun activity, including facepainters, stilt walkers, a giant stegosaurus and a ‘smoothie’ bike, serving up freshly made flavours.

Amongst the programme highlights are Ockham’s Razor’s ‘Belly of the Whale’; Max Calaf Sevé’s ‘dip’; Gandini Juggling’s ‘8 Songs’; Acrojou’s ‘The Wheel House’ and Dizzy O’Dare’s ‘Baba Yaga’s House’. These shows are supported by Without Walls, England’s biggest network of outdoor arts festivals.

Theatre Orchard is one of just two organisations in the South West to be a member of the Without Walls Touring Network Partnership.

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