The Fabularium Fairytale Festival

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The Fabularium Fairytale Festival is Bristol City Centre’s first 4-day celebration of oral story telling. The festival is hosted by Crick Crack Club who are bringing the fairytale festival to College Green, Bristol.  Housed in a whacking great tent, with lights twinkling and flags flying, this is a travelling festival of performance storytelling for grown-ups and for families, featuring fabulous shows by the UK’s finest storytellers. And that’s not all – in between shows they’ll have a stunning collection of Play Wooden’s games on site for you to play with to your hearts content.

If you’re a thinker, or a dreamer, and you have an imagination which you like to feed – then this is for you! And if you’re not sure whether it’s your thing, then come and find out. This is a pop-up, story-fuelled extravaganza in true Crick Crack Club style!

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