IBT17 Bristol International Festival

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The IBT17 Bristol International Festival produces extraordinary artworks, adventurous festivals and unusual events.

In February 2017, across five days and ten locations, 40 artists will, as Britain still struggles to adapt to the post-Brexit world, offer a vision of this island nation that is “uncompromisingly contemporary, open and defiantly different.”

The full programme for the 2017 festival is now available.

Showcasing live art in Bristol

The festival encourages artists and audiences to think, to dream to things they have not yet imagined. Using streets and public spaces, IBT17 Bristol International Festival involves new curatorial models, technologies and critical discourse.

Combined with an impressive programme of live, digital, architectural and sculptural works, it’s a truly unique event.

IBT17 Bristol International Festival will launch an International Showcase of Live Art, funded by Arts Council England, presenting a version of the UK that reaches out to the world.

These artists will join locals, audiences and international producers and curators coming to Bristol, many for the first time.

For more details see the festival website which has full details of tickets and scheduling.

“We invite you to laugh with us, cry with us, fall, stumble and fly with us, to take a stand and face the future with us.”

Helen Cole Artistic Director/CEO IBT17 Bristol International Festival

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