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Grillstock celebrates everything to do with the Southern US slow’n’low method of producing incredible BBQ food, with some top bands thrown in for good measure. This year the Saturday headliners are The Levellers, with cult British band The Stranglers playing on the Sunday. At the heart of Grillstock is the battle to be declared King of the Grill as some of the best BBQ chefs in the business go head to head, firing up their grills on the Friday night and taking their time to produce the sort of food that will make your burnt back garden burgers seem very poor fare. Check out the legendary eating competitions too, where brave contenders take on some of the hottest chillis in the world, or try and eat as many chicken wings as they can in the time allowed. The event’s motto is ‘Meat, Music and Mayhem’ and it certainly lives up to it.

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