Festival of Economics 2018

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One Millennium Square, Bristol, BS1 5DB




The Festival of Economics 2018 will make Bristol a hub for debating and answering some of the key economic questions of our time.

The seventh running of the festival is programmed by Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge and Enlightenment Economics) and will take place at We The Curious. Economists and other key experts from around the world will be on hand to add their expertise to the programme.

The event is taking place in association with Triodos Bank.

Managing Director Triodos Bank UK Bevis Watts said: “We support the Festival of Economics to foster further debate about our economic future.
“Now is the time to promote more alternative thinking around our economic and financial system.

“We can no longer measure success purely in terms of growth when our resources are finite – and we can work harder to create a global economy that works better for people and planet.”

The festival will feature keynote speakers and talks on unelected power (led by Paul Tucker), the rise and fall of higher education (chaired by Andy Westwood from the University of Manchester), growth in the Brexit era (Rain Newton-Smith), central banks in the past, present and future (Andy Haldane) and also sessions for schools.

The Festival of Economics 2018 is part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

To see more details about the full programme see the event’s official webpage. You can also follow the event’s news via their Twitter page.

Main image: Alys Jones

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