Bristol Swing Festival

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Swing dance developed in the 1930s-40s, most notably in Harlem, danced to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington. There are many more swing dancers today than there were in the original era, spread all over the world. The Bristol scene was developed by Swing Dance Bristol and includes weekly classes, regular dances, and the two largest festivals. The festivals each attract a few hundred dancers, about 50% locals and 50% national and international visitors from Europe & beyond.

New Year Swing Celebration runs over 5 days including NYE with classes during the daytime and dances every night. Dates this year are 19th-22nd April.

Bristol Swing Festival runs every year over the Easter weekend and the classes and performances are a blend of swing dancing and circus skills.

There are also a few smaller festivals run throughout the year organised by members of the dance community.

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