Bristol Radical Film Festival 2018

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Bristol Radical Film Festival 2018 will take place at the Trinity Centre in October, screening disruptive films that either challenge mainstream filmmaking techniques, or pose progressive political questions.

The festival, run by volunteers, was founded in 2011 to share a different kind of cinema; contemporary and historical works covering risk-taking and overtly political left-wing documentary and fiction films.

Existing to inform, move and galvanise audiences, the Bristol Radical Film Festival organisers always leave space and time for discussion after screenings.

As well as showing thought-provoking films, the festival also highlights a range of other community initiatives in Bristol including anarchist social centres, drop-in houses for sex workers, radical bookshops, trade union halls, community bicycle hubs and more.

Since 2011, the festival has grown significantly and now lays on events throughout the year. The annual radical shorts programme has been a huge success with more than 2,000 submissions from across the world in 2016 covering subjects such as BlackLivesMatter and media piracy.

You can keep up to date with the programme at the Bristol Radical Film Festival 2018 by visiting the festival’s official website or following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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