Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2019

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The world-famous Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2019 will take place at Ashton Court from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th next year.

Once again hundreds of hot air balloons will take off at dawn and in the afternoons for the delight of thousands of spectators.

The event will also feature the ever-popular nightglows. Twice during the Fiesta weekend a collection of tethered balloons fire their burners to music, creating a unique spectacle. These are followed by a stunning firework display.

There are also the special shapes, weird and wonderful creations that will have everyone in their flight path reaching for their cameraphones. In previous years lions, penguins, dragons and even Minions have graced the Fiesta and the skies over Bristol.

Keep an eye out for car parking, which must be booked in advance, and other details at the Balloon Fiesta website.

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