Bristol in the Sky

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Waterfront Square, Bristol, BS1 5DB




How do you like your food? Served by candlelight, eaten on the sofa at home or in a bustling neighbourhood restaurant? How about 100 feet in the air?

Bristol is known for having an incredible restaurant scene but in September a unique event is coming. For an exclusive period from September 7th-10th Events in the Sky will operate a pop-up event like no other in the city.

Open to members of the public, Bristol In The Sky will see some of the city’s best restaurants transfer their menus and dining experiences to a ‘sky table suspended 100 feet in the air.

The table seats 22 guests and comes with a chef, sommelier and waiting team who will operate out of a pop-up kitchen in the centre of the table.

Don’t worry about safety – guests are securely fastened into their seats before the table is raised to the dining height of 100ft and the gourmet experience can begin.

For more details see the Bristol In the Sky event website.

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