Bristol Food Connections 2018

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Bristol Food Connections 2018 will once again celebrate the city’s amazing restaurant and cafe scene and the producers who supply them – but this year there’s a twist.

Previous festivals have been based around a classic ‘tent village’ on the Harbourside, but for 2018 the festival will be a citywide event.

Organisers say they want to make sure the whole city can feel involved and connected in the festival which will celebrate the true story behind Bristol’s impressive food scene, and leave a legacy which will last long after the events have finished.

Plans are yet to be firmed up but expect there to be more than 100 events staged across the whole city under the theme of “time”. People hosting or staging events are encouraged to be inspired by the theme and look at meal times, special times and past times as they celebrate everything that’s great about food in Bristol.

Organisers say they want to “delve into the traditions of how we eat, think about how time affects our eating patterns and investigate what role feasting has in our culture.”

If you want to run an event as part of the festival, then more information can be found here.

To keep up to date with Food Connections news see the festival’s official website.

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