Bee and Pollination Festival 2017

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Stoke Park Road, Bristol, BS9 1JG




Head to Bristol University Botanic Garden on the first week of September during the Bee and Pollination Festival 2017 to find out about caffeine temptresses, floral imposters and clever forms of traffic control are all devices which flowers use to attract pollinators.

The latest research shows that plants are not as innocent as you might think and manipulate their pollinators, such as bees, in many devious ways. They can use scent, taste, appearance or even mind-altering chemicals to persuade insects to visit them.

At the two-day festival you can also find out the latest stories and how you can help bees and other vital pollinators in these days when people are increasingly aware of how bees in particular are under threat.

The main exhibitors at the event will include the Avon Beekeepers Association, and their highly popular Honey Festival, the University Of Bristol School Of Biological Sciences, Mad Apple Cider, Avon Organic Group, Kelvin Bush Orchids, Neal’s Yard Remedies, nurseries selling insect-friendly plants, wildlife charities and botanical artists.

An important major feature of the weekend will bethe series of talks in the Linnaeus Study Room. Keynote speakers include Professor Jane Memmott and Dr. Marc Holderied. Demonstrations will range from beekeeping techniques and the workings of a live hive, to learning how to build insect hotels, make bee head masks and weave enchanting willow sculptures.

There is also the last opportunity to view the intriguing Chatwin: Martin Art/Science exhibition ‘A Third Mouthful.’

Entrance costs £6.00 including tours of the garden and glasshouses. Tickets are free to Friends, children, University staff and students. There will be refreshments on sale from Chandos Deli throughout the weekend.

To find out more visit the garden’s website.

Site address: University of Bristol Botanic Garden, The Holmes, Stoke Park Road, Bristol BS9 1JG. Tel: 0117 42 82041.

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